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Here is CatholicBrain's index of Saints. This is a great resource for learning about the lives of the saints at home or in the classroom!

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Tarachus, Probus, and Andronicus

Martyrs of the Diocletian persecution (c. 304).


Layman who became Patriarch of Constantinople by acclamation, called for the Second Ecumenical Council of Nicaea, champion of Church unity and of the veneration of the holy ikons. Died 806

Eighth-century Scottish bishop

Was carrying the Blessed Sacrament on his person, and refused to surrender it when beset by a pagan mob. Martyr of the third or early fourth century

Irish saint, born in the first decade of the fifth century; died about 497

Archbishop of Canterbury; died 30 July, 734


Archbishop of Llandaff, born at Eccluis Gunniau, near Tenby, Pembrokeshire; died at Llandilo Vawr, Carmarthenshire, probably in or before 560

Sixth-century bishop of the Picts


A penitent in Egypt in the fourth century

Eighth-century Benedictine abbess of Kitzingen and Ochsenfurt

The most famous of several saints named Thecla is Thecla of Iconium. Other saints of this name include a martyr from Gaza, an African martyr, one or two Roman martyrs, one who is purely legendary (Boniface and Thecla), and one St. Thecla of whom almost nothing is known

Hermit, joined the Camaldolese late in life, died in 1066


Archbishop of Narbonne, died 893

Theodore of Amasea

Soldier saint, martyred in 306. After refusing a court order to sacrifice to the gods, St. Theodore was released for a time of reflection--and burnt a pagan temple

Theodore of Studium

Monk, priest, and abbot. He was a champion of the independence of the Church, and of the veneration of icons. St. Theodore died in 826

Brothers, natives of Jerusalem. Championed the veneration of images during the second Iconoclastic controversy in the East

Theodotus of Ancyra

Patron of innkeepers

He and his wife both entered monastic life. He signed the decrees of Nicaea II

English priest and martyr, who died in 1608

Thomas of Villanova

Spanish Augustinian, d. 1555. Educator, diligent in almsgiving, Archbishop of Valencia

Thérèse of Lisieux

Carmelite of Lisieux, better known as the Little Flower of Jesus

Roman martyrs, feast 11 August

Sister of St. Patrick

Timotheus and Symphorian

Martyrs whose feast is observed on 22 August

Toribio Alfonso Mogrovejo

Pioneering missionary archbishop of Lima, founded first seminary in the Americas, d. 1606

Aunts of St. Gregory the Great, virgins in the sixth century

Seventh-century missionary in Germany

Seventh-century missionary bishop among the Picts