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Here is CatholicBrain's index of Saints. This is a great resource for learning about the lives of the saints at home or in the classroom!

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Martyr in 126 or 127, at Rome


Roman martyr of the late third or early fourth century

The mother of St. Gregory the Great. She died in about 592

Simeon Stylites the Elder

First and most famous of the hermits whose asceticism involved living atop a pillar. Died in 459

Simon Stock

English Carmelite, sixth general of the Order. Associated with the brown scapular. Died 1265

Simon the Apostle

Also known as Simon the Zealot

Stanislaus of Cracow

Bishop and martyr, d. 1079. The patron saint of Poland

Stephen Harding

English Cistercian, confessor, the third abbot of Citeaux, d. 1134

Stephen I of Hungary

First King of Hungary. Baptized at the age of 10 by St. Adalbert, and died in 1038

Bishop of Winchester (d. 862). One of the two trusted counsellors of Egbert, King of the West Saxons

Sylvester Gozzolini

Founder of the Sylvestrines. Canon, hermit. Died 1267