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Archangel appearing in the Book of Tobias

Raymond Nonnatus

Spanish Mercedarian (1200-1240)

Raymond of Peñafort

Born near Barcelona, Raymond was an able canon lawyer who joined the Dominicans. He died in 1275

The devoted companion of St. Edmund Rich, was bishop of Chichester. Richard died in 1253, and was canonized less than 10 years later

Rita of Cascia

Rita married an abusive man, became a mother, was widowed, joined the Augustinians. She died in 1456

Founder of the Abbey of Citeaux and the monastery at Molesme (d. 1111)


Early 14th century. While on pilgrimage, Roch acquired renown for healing plague victims. He himself was stricken with the plague. Upon returning to his hometown, he was cast into prison as an accused spy, where he died

Mentions and gives brief profiles of several saints of this name


Italian-born founder of the Camaldolese, d. 1027

Rose of Lima

First American to be named a saint

Rose of Viterbo

Third order Franciscan, preached repentance. She died at the age of 17, in 1252