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Here is CatholicBrain's index of Saints. This is a great resource for learning about the lives of the saints at home or in the classroom!

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Dagobert II

Martyred king of Austrasia. The son of King Sigebert II , Dagobert took the throne as a child and was forced into exile.

Daniel and Companions

Franciscan missionaries and martyrs, d. 10 October, 1227

Sister of St. Patrick and the mother of many saints

David of Wales

Also known as Dewi or Degui. Bishop and confessor, the patron saint of Wales


Or Dichuil. Elder brother of St. Gall and missionary companion of St. Columbanus. Deicolus died in 625

The first bishop of Alexandria of whom anything is known. Appointed Origen as head of the Catechetical School and later condemned him for being ordained to the presbyterate without authorization. Demetrius died in 231

Bishop of Paris, martyred along with his deacons Rusticus and Eleutherius in about 275

Bishop of Cahors, promoted monasticism, d. 655

First Anglo-Saxon Archbishop of Canterbury, d. 664

Two Irish saints of this name. The first mentioned was Archbishop of Armagh, and died in 851 or 852. The second, St. Diarmaid the Just, was a monastic founder and distinguished writer of the mid-sixth century

The son of an Ulster chieftain, was the first convert of St. Patrick in Ireland


Franciscan lay brother, d. 1463

Founder and first abbot of Bangor on the Dee, fl. 500-542

Bishop of Corinth about 170


Irish-born abbot and bishop, d. 700


All that is known of Dismas is that he is the Good Thief crucified with Christ on Calvary. The other thief is known as Gestas.


Bishop of Mercia and companion of St. Cedd. An Irishman, Diuma was praised by St. Bede.


Welsh monk of the house of Cunedda, the son of Ithel ab Ceredig ab Cunedda Wledig. He preached in Pembrokeshire, Wales, and then went to Brittany, in France. Several churches bear his name.

Domenico Lentini

Blessed Dominic Lentini was born November 20, 1770. Dominic family was of poor economic conditions, but rich in faith and honesty.


Founder of the Order of Preachers, d. 1221

Three or possibly four Irish saints of this name lived in the sixth and seventh centuries


Two saints of this name: St. Dorothea, virgin and martyr, d. at Caesarea; and St. Dorothea of Montau

Scottish abbot and later hermit, fl. about 600. Also known as St. Drustan, Dustan, or Throstan

Welsh bishop and confessor, d. 612. Also called St. Dubricius or Dyfrig

Abbot of Iona, confessor, d. 717. Also known as St. Dunichad, Duncad, or Donatus

Tenth-century Anglo-Saxon archbishop and confessor


Virgin and martyr, venerated since at least the thirteenth century